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Craft the perfect welcome email for your Airbnb guests!

How to craft the perfect welcome email as an Airbnb host

You’ve set up your Airbnb listing on the site, furnished it so it looks homey and welcoming, and you’ve booked your first guest. Now what?

To be a great host and to make your guests’ experience as smooth and worry free as possible, you should have a welcome email that includes all the information your guests will need to know about check-in, your listing and the neighborhood.

You may be thinking “but this information is all already on my listing!” Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but most guests don’t read listings fully and they usually forget most of what they have read, especially if their check-in date is in the future. That’s why we want to make sure that you are the best host possible by anticipating questions, concerns and issues that may arise before your guest even checks-in.

So what information should you include?

Part 1: Personal/contact info

how to craft the perfect Airbnb welcome email

Introduce yourself and tell your guest a little about you, especially if you live at the same place you are hosting at. Your guests are booking an Airbnb partly because they want a personalized experience and not some anonymous robot at the other end just collecting their money. The more your guest feels like they know you and like you, the better their experience will be and the more likely you will get a better review at the end of their stay. People like people they know so start sharing!

Provide up to date and current contact information. I include my phone number, an email and I also include all my husband’s contact info as well in case they are unable to reach me for any reason. I have had many guests that end up contacting my husband because they couldn’t reach me so I would always advise that you have at least 2 contact emails and numbers. If you’re going to be travelling while a guest checks in, make sure that you provide a phone number that will work while you’re away.

Part 2: Check-in information

Include check-in and check-out times here so that your guests are aware of when they need to pick up keys and when they need to leave and can plan their schedule accordingly. Any check-in instructions should be shared here so your guests know exactly how they can get the keys and how they can enter your listing.

Part 3: Transportation Information

how to craft the perfect Airbnb welcome email

Help your guests figure out how to get to your listing easily. What differentiates a great host from an average one are all the small details that you help your guests figure out their visit without having to be asked. If you’re close to public transit, let your guests know how to get to your listing using public transportation from the airport. If you’re not close to public transportation, provide driving directions from the airport and even include a link to a Google map showing directions from the airport to your location. Provide the name of a cab company and an estimate of how much it will cost to take a cab from the airport to your location. The less that your guests need to research and find out information on their own, the happier their experience will be.

Part 4: Information about your listing

how to craft the perfect Airbnb welcome email

This is where you want to let your guest know all about your lovely and unique space. Are there any quirky things that you want your guests to know? Perhaps your bathroom door requires a special way of turning the knob to open. Maybe your neighbors have chickens next door that cluck at 7AM. Or maybe you need to climb a ladder to enter your Airbnb listing. These are the kinds of things you want to share with your guests so there are no surprises. Better to have a guest realize that your space may not be the right fit for them rather than have them check in and be unpleasantly surprised.

Be sure to include the address of your Airbnb listing, Wifi network and password, Netflix, and any parking information. Any special instructions about garbage, recycling, etc, should all be listed here.

Part 5: House Rules

List your guest house rules here. I always recommend that you let guests know no parties, no extra guests that aren’t paid for and no smoking inside the suite. It will be clear you’ve notified your guests and they can’t claim they weren’t aware of what wasn’t allowed.

Part 6: Points of Interest Nearby

how to craft the perfect Airbnb welcome email

You know your neighborhood best. This is your chance to highlight all the cool spots in your area. Is there a coffee shop with the best salted caramel latte one block away? Or perhaps there’s a bakery that people flock from all over the city to come visit because of their pastries. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and share the spots that you would want to know about when you visit a new city. Some suggestions that I use in my own welcome email include restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, nail salons and gyms. Bonus points if you can include links and/or coupons to your neighborhood stores!

Part 7: Things to do in your city

No one is as much an advocate for their city as its citizens. Share the cool spots that your city is known for but also share some lesser known hidden gems that you love. These are the things that set Airbnb hosts apart from hotels and helps to make a guests’ experience different than all the other tourists visiting. They get a chance to brag to their friends about the cool live music lounge you told them about and you get a great review – win win!

Part 8: Restaurant Recommendations

How to craft the perfect welcome email as an Airbnb host

As a major foodie, one of the things I look forward the most when travelling is to stuff my face with all the unique delectables that await me in each new place I visit. I absolutely love when someone shares their favorite restaurant recommendation with me, especially if it’s one I haven’t heard about in my research about that city. Share your favorite restaurant recommendations and include a variety of hole in the wall, mid and high end choices. Don’t forget dessert either – that’s the most important meal I always look forward to!

Be sure to leave a hard copy of your welcome email in the suite/space so your guests can refer to it whenever they’d like.

Every guest, just like every host, is unique and different. Don’t feel like you have to use everything listed above in one welcome message. Maybe you want to send a few messages with the information included. Or perhaps you only feel that some of the tips are relevant to you and your listing. At Airhosts Forum, we only want to provide as many tools and tips as possible so you can be successful as an Airbnb host so feel free to adjust as you see fit.

Happy hosting!